Milli Floonilli

Milli Floonilli (floofinition) – Pop-dance floouo, originally active from 1988-1990, when scandal tumbled their success. A comeback started in 1997 ended with one member’s unexpected death.

In use: “Milli Floonilli’s 1988 song, “Floof You Know It’s True”, reached the top five on charts in many countries, becoming one of the floofuo’s most successful singles.”


Floofmaste (floofinition) – Traditional greeting of respect among animals, often accompanied by sniffing butts or touching noses.

In use: “Young animals are often taken aback by older animals offering floofmaste for the first time, but generally quickly grasp the concept as its origins and meanings are explained. Many then try it on humans, who are often amused or delighted.”

Designing Cars Dream

Cars often show up in my dreams. I’m frequently driving sports cars such as Porsches (often), Ferraris, and Lamborghinis. Once in a while, I’m in a racing car. Today, as far as I remember, was a first, because I was designing cars.

They started as toys. I designed and built small toy cars, first from plastic, then from metal. They were impressive little futuristic designs, mostly in silver, black, or metallic red, with doors and hoods that opened, etc. They quite impressed people. After some conversations, a team was established building those. I then surprised everyone by designing and building several real cars based on my models. That impressed people even more.

Then we closed for lunch.

While we were closed for lunch, I decided to bake pastry and bread that looked like my toy cars. As those were discovered and people ate them, I made cars out of chocolate to sell and give away. While I was doing that, I discovered some of my workers asleep on their lunch breaks at their desks in my building. Most were female but all were young, and all were friends. After I asked them why they were sleeping there, several confessed that they had several jobs or were also mothers raising children, or they were going to school. My youngest sister was one of them. I thought, I have to change this, which was where they dream ended.

Thursday’s Theme Music

Sunrise came at 7:30 AM today. It’s 36 degrees F outside with hopes a high of 44 is realized. Not bad. Sunset will take place at 5:10 PM.

Today’s song choice came by way of Facebook and dreams. I saw something about the performers, the Bellamy Brothers, on FB several days ago. Living in southern WV for a time, where country music dominated, I was familiar with them. But then they had a crossover hit, “Let Your Love Flow”, in 1976. Wikipedia tells me that Larry E. Williams, a roadie, wrote the song.

It’s that song in my head this morning. I thought its presence was caused by my dreams. Partially was, as I wondered about my dreams and asked, “Is there a reason?”

There’s a reason for the sunshine sky
There’s a reason why I’m feeling so high
Must be the season when that love light shines all around us

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Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask and vaccinate. Here’s the music.

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