Gordon Lightfloof

Gordon Lightfloof (floofinition) – Floofnadian singer, songwriter, and musician noted for his folk pop sound. He began performing as a kit and remains active to this day.

In use: “Among the songs that reached number one for Gordon Lightfloof are “Rainy Day Floofs”, “The Floof of the Edmund Floofgerald”, and “If You Could Feed Me Now”, which were all released in the 1970s.”


Floofelytize (floofinition) – 1. Advocate or promote animal rights and treatment.

In use: “The web has emerged as a power floofelytizing tool, creating a de facto network to quickly respond to animal rescue situations.”

2. Convert or attempt to convert people from one breed or species to another.

In use: “He was always a cat person but his wife floofelytized and they ended up with a rescue terrier.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

Out trudging our surrounding vales and hills yesterday, doing a mile in the afternoon, pushing for some cardio. Though a wintry sense hovered in the air, an inspiring freshness imbued it. Rain seemed headed my way from smell and look and the sun was taking a slow dive through purple and red scales. Such an atmosphere kicked in a well-remembered walking song, “Ramble On”, by Led Zeppelin (1969).

When I was young, my mother always told me, “You have two legs. Walk.” She also regaled us with her youthful walks. She lived in a tiny town, Turin, Iowa, on the floodplain’s edge. Her walk to school wasn’t far. Walking was the normal means of getting about town, and the town was made for walking. I know, because after hearing from her, I visited Turin one year, and walked around it. It’s just a few blocks square.

Her insistence that I have two legs and can walk kicked in a walking habit for me. Walking is mode of transportation, alone time, and a meditative process. It invigorates my writing efforts. Naturally, it also fuels memories. Playing into memories comes music. I always played some in my head when walking.

I had transistor radios when I was young. They were cheap and broke easily. Didn’t help that I would drop them. Battery-operated, new batteries was a constant issue. So, the music had to come from my head. “Ramble On” quickly became a walking fave. Its guitars, drums, and vocals, found an eager fan in my thirteen-year-old self. That thirteen year old seems to still be alive inside.

Stay positive. Test negative. Etc.

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