Floofpedition (floofinition) – An animal’s journey or excursion undertaken for a specific purpose.

In use: “Each night when his cat left the house, he acted like he was undertaking a floofpedition. To satisfy his curiosity, Michael ended up buying a tracking collar with a small camera mounted to it, along with a set of outside cameras to help him follow his floof around.”

C&C Music Floof

C&C Music Floof (floofinition) – Floofmerican dance music floouo formed in 1987. They floofuo released nine singles between 1990 and 1996, with seven of them reaching number one on the dance charts.

In use: “C&C Music Floof’s first hit single, “Gonna Make You Floof (Everybody Scratch Now)”, came out in 1990, and remains the act’s best-known song.”

Raisins & Mushrooms

  1. One of today’s questions: does peanut butter come in a jar or a can? My wife and I are certain that it comes in a jar.
  2. The can/jar question rose because it’s time for the bi-monthly food donation to our town’s food pantry. Bi-monthly is one of those ambiguous expressions that often causes more conversation than it saves. “Do you mean twice a month or every other month?” Raised eyebrows often accompany the question, along with a still expectation as everyone waits to hear, which is it?
  3. COVID-19 has caused our food bank to decree “cans only”. Why not jars? I don’t know. They quarantine the cans; couldn’t they quarantine the jars? I haven’t researched the issue. Did I miss a Fauci about cans and jars? “By the way, jars are not safe. Cans are.”
  4. The food bank puts out a list of needs. On that list is peanut butter. That’s why we’re perplexed. PB comes in jars. Of course you’re going to need peanut butter if you’re only accepting cans. What’s wrong with you?
  5. Anecdotally, I’ve never heard or read someone say, “Go get me the can of peanut butter,” so I think we’re right on this. I wonder if they’re changing the way that we think of cans and jars, like they changed the way that we think of literally by changing the meaning because misusing the word became so commonplace that everyone agrees, easier to change the definition at this point.
  6. Guilt has set in. Others are raving and recommending television shows. I’ve tried them. I don’t like them. I want to like them, for their sakes, for the world’s sake. I feel like I’m undermining the social order by saying that, “No, I don’t watch that show. I don’t like it.” “The Tudors” was one of those shows. Friends raved about it. I turned it off.
  7. Among shows that underwhelm me are all reality shows. Never got into any “Survivor”. Yes, I do like the “Great British Bake-off”, or whatever its name is. I wore down my molars, gritting my teeth as we streamed two seasons of “The Masked Singer”. My wife wanted to see them all unmasked, even as she shook her head at the show and snapped, “If I hear them say that one more time…” She never specified the threat. She didn’t like hearing the hosts bubbling again and again and again, “That was wonderful. You’re amazing. Who are you?”
  8. My wife wants to make mushroom stroganoff. See, she likes mushrooms and she’s a vegetarian. I do not like mushrooms. They’re an abomination. I can accept them steeped in cheese and buried with real food on pizza. When I encounter them elsewhere, they remind me of slimy fungus. I do like mushrooms grilled on meat, or grilled with other mushrooms.
  9. The question is, will I eat the mushroom stroganoff? Sure, make it; I’ll try. If I don’t like it, I’ll eat something else. She’s bought the ingredients. She understand my mushroom dislike; she feels the same about raisins. Mushrooms are my raisins, if you follow.
  10. Food. We all need it, we all want it, we all might not like it.

Sunday’s Theme Music

Sunrise/sunset: 7:25 AM/5:24 PM. So close to ten hours of daylight! We almost made it. Oh, well, tomorrow is a new month.

It’s a sleepy Sunday, this last day of January, 2021. Rainy but 44 degrees F here, with sun breaks, a good day for reading a book and napping. The cats are for it.

Homemade minestrone soup is simmering in the slow cooker and filling the air with spices and veggies. Such a lazy-feeling day needs a lazy day song, say, “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars (2011). It’s a silly song but silly songs can be good.

Stay positive, etc. Too lazy to put in more, you know? Maybe I’ll get some coffee, maybe I’ll write. We’ll see.

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