Quantum Entanglefloof

Quantum Entanglefloof (floofinition) – 1. A cosmic, mystic connection between animals, or between an animal and human.

In use: “Even when separated, quantum entanglefloof kept Sharry and her cats and dogs floofchronized; they knew when she was coming home, no matter how she arrived nor the time. The house cameras showed them all standing, stretching, and yawning about a minute before she reached the house, so that they were arrayed by the door, waiting for her, when she came in.”

2. The connections between animals and the planet or stars, which allow animals to know something is happening before humans.

In use: “About seven minutes before the earthquake, quantum entanglefloof notified the local animal life it was about to happen. As word spread via telefloofthy, they began howling, meowing, and pawing in alarm, trying to warn the humans.”

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