Monday’s Theme Music

They’d drained all the color out of the sky today. A light is blinking somewhere, highlighting an error message that says, “Your sky’s color cartridges are out of ink.”

Congratulations everyone, we did it, we’ve survived another weekend, reached another Monday milestone. I’ve gone through 247,800 Mondays, myself. Don’t remember many of them, TBH.

Today is April 25, 2022. Sunrise reached us at 6:15 AM and Sol will take its bow and leave our stage at 8:03 PM. It’s 50 F and comfortable now. No rain or snow is in the forecast for this day, and a high of the upper sixties remains in the deck as a possibility. Will we reach it? Very likely.

Papi, the young ginger feline who cofloofbitates with us, inspired today’s song. He was rapping on the door for entrance last night. I opened it to let him in. He starts in, checks up and swirls around, staring into the dark. I look out there and see nothing. “What is it, buddy?” Lights on turned on. Papi’s tail swishes, then goes still. He lowers himself. I don’t see a damn thing. Papi turns and does a hurried job into the house a few feet, and then turns and looks out again, and then sits. Tired of the drama, I close the door, telling him, “Yes, you’re in. You’re safe and sound now.”

The neurons, which often act up, said, “Playing Safe and Sound by Capital Cities.” The music kicked in before I could protest and remains playing in the morning mental music stream.

So here we go. Stay positive, test negative, and respect the CDC and health officials’ recommendations as we continue coping with COVID-19 spikes and variants. Here’s the music. The neurons say, “Go get coffee.” Who am I to argue?


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