Floof Squared

Floof Squared (floofinition) – Economic principle that costs involving animals will be exponentially larger than reasonably anticipated.

In use: “Knowing of the floof squared rule, Ron expected pet food to be expected, but with recent inflation, the costs of feeding his cats and dog were through the roof.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

At first, I was contemplating a bland sky. One gray, undecorated sheet cake dominated, and had since sunrise at 6:24 this morning. Then, at ten, clouds tore apart and sunshine made a blazing, grand entrance. Twenty minutes later, clouds discreetly covered the sunshine once again. I think the day’s script can be summarized as ‘variable’.

Today is April 19, 2022, a Tuesday, as it happens. It’s 46 F now and the ground is wet with drying rain. Snow caps the higher ridges and mountains. Our valley’s high is expected to go no further than the low fifties, with most saying that it’ll be 52, but we might see 53 or 54, depending on small local shifts. Sunset will be at 7:57 PM.

I have the Traveling Wilburys in the morning mental music stream, a result of my wife relating a conversation about her coffee peers being ignorant about who the Traveling Wilburys were. The Wilburys were an ad hoc supergroup made up of Tom Petty, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne, and Bob Dylan. The guys were friends, lived near one another, and come together as friends to make music, using guitarist and sound engineer Dave Stewart’s home (his kitchen, for a large part of it), as their base.

I shrugged off the others’ ignorance about the band. The coffee mob members are a few years older than my SO, music tastes vary, and much of pop culture depended upon what radio station your car was on and your commuting habits in the late 1980s. So, you know, not knowing about them isn’t a big shocker.

Anyway, a Wilbury favorite for me is “Dirty World” from 1988, where they play with words and consumer ideas. Lot of fun.

Here’s the music. I’m going to forage for coffee in the kitchen. Later, gator.

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