Floofshido (floofinition) – Code of honor among animals which emphasizes loyalty, trust, and patience.

In use: “According to United Federation of Floofs studies, most adherents of floofshido among housepets are dogs, with few cats adopting the code.”

Saturday’s Theme Music

Blinding sunshine crashed through today’s window early on, piercing the hazy cloud layer with mocking ease. That happened at 6:18 AM. Temperature was in the forties then, now they’re at 52, and we’re expecting a day of sunshine with a few clouds, and a high of 66, 67, F, before sunset at 8:01 PM.

Welcome to April the 23rd, Saturday, 2022.

I have “Love Me Two Times” by the Doors in the morning mental music stream. It’s coexisting alongside a second song.

My neurons started playing their version of “Name That Tune” with me the other day. They said, “Remember this song?” Then two notes or part of a word would flash among them. “No, I don’t remember that,” I answered. “I need more.” Begrudgingly, they gave another word here, a sound there. I would try to focus and recall, but the song wouldn’t come to me. DKAY, but when something like that happens, i.e., I’m trying to remember a place, event, name, person, song, and it doesn’t come, it’s like small piece of hell. “Why can’t I remember that?” I ask myself. It was almost there, then, whisked away by malicious forces once more.

This went on about three days before I caught enough of the words to go, “Wait,” and hit the net in search of. The song is “Sleep the Clock Around” by Belle & Sebastian. I’d heard it several years ago on the American version of “The Killing” and looked it up. It’s a fascinating duet to me.

Whew. Glad that’s out of my system. Stay positive, test negative, and you know, right? You’ve lived through 2020, 2021, and 2022’s first quarter.

Got my coffee. Here’s the song. Enjoy.

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