Wednesday’s Theme Music

Another rainy day with chilly temperatures, another night of dreams, another morning of feeding the cats and then sitting down at the ‘puter. Feels a bit boring today. Tedious. I’m ready to dive back into the novels in progress but I’m also reading an excellent book. It all balances.

Hello, and welcome to Wednesday. This is April 13, 2021, a day when the sun rose over the Cascades at 6:34 this morning, showing us a spring that looked and felt more like late February than mid-April. Sleet fell for a while this morning, becoming snow, and then rain. Not a sharp surprise to the mind as we’re sitting at 37 F with hopes for a high of 42 F before sunset at 7:50 PM. More of the same is forecast until Easter Sunday, as a slow-moving Low comes aboard the Pacific Northwest.

The neurons have Pat Benatar singing “Shadows of the Night” from 1982 in the morning mental music stream, an occurrence directly attributed to Papi cat. The ginger blade wanted out, of course, so I did my duty at 3:30 AM. I had the porch light on, turning it on first to ensure no other beasts were waiting to ambush him, and watch his reaction to his environment. When he turned and dashed for the shadows, a WTF passed did a neuron wave. I went out to see what the what with a torch at which point the orange boy galloped back to me and into the house. I asked him what he saw in the shadows, but he stayed smugly silent.

The neurons picked up on ‘shadows’, though, of course, and kicked Benatar’s song in right off. It’s a good representation of early 1980s style rock, though, and a pleasant way to entertain the ears and mind. It’s a pretty silly video, though.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as or when needed, and get the jabs as it’s figured out. Coffee is serenading me in the other room, so off I go. Cheers

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