Quantum Entanglefloof

Quantum Entanglefloof (floofinition) – 1. A cosmic, mystic connection between animals, or between an animal and human.

In use: “Even when separated, quantum entanglefloof kept Sharry and her cats and dogs floofchronized; they knew when she was coming home, no matter how she arrived nor the time. The house cameras showed them all standing, stretching, and yawning about a minute before she reached the house, so that they were arrayed by the door, waiting for her, when she came in.”

2. The connections between animals and the planet or stars, which allow animals to know something is happening before humans.

In use: “About seven minutes before the earthquake, quantum entanglefloof notified the local animal life it was about to happen. As word spread via telefloofthy, they began howling, meowing, and pawing in alarm, trying to warn the humans.”

Friday’s Theme Music

Sunshine blazed into the valley at 6:19 AM, kicking out some of the chillier air and chasing the clouds and night away. It’s now 40 F, and the clouds have scurried back into view after recovering from Sol’s surprise. We’ll be ranging up to the upper fifties this AM before sunset at *drumroll* 8 PM this evening.

Mom is in surgery today, back in PA. She’ll be 86 this year, has emphysema and a pacemaker, and suffers a swollen foot because sixteen lymph nodes were removed a few years ago, along peripheral neuropathy. This surgery is to remove a large fatty deposit. She says it’s been bothering her for years and it’s gotten worse, so my thoughts circle toward her as the sun moves through the day and she goes through the process.

Today is Friday, April 22, 2022.

The neurons have “Manic Depression” by Jimi Hendrix (1967) swirling through the morning mental music stream. It’s a writing thing. A friend was celebrating his 90th birthday. His son is my friend and was an editor with one of the big publishing houses back at the century’s rollover. He suffered health issues and had to quit, and since has written one novel (that he hates) and is now trying to write again. He helps take care of his parents and their home, though, so that’s where his energy goes. He was speaking of his frustration while he was writing, trying to put it all together in something coherent, compelling, and worthy.

Out of that conversation, my neurons brought up the opening lines to “Manic Depression”:

Manic depression is searching my soul
I know what I want
But I just don’t know
How to go about getting it

Feeling, sweet feeling
Drops from my Fender’s fingers
Manic depression has a-captured my soul

h/t to AZLyrics.com

Stay positive, test neg., etc. I feel the need for caffeine. Here’s the music. Cheers

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