Timefloof (floofinition) – 1. An animal who is consistent about their activities.

In use: “Barb has little need for an alarm clock because her little black cat was a timefloof who woke her every morning at 5:55 AM with food demands.”

2. Ancient race of extraterrestrial animals who have command of time travel.

In use: “Pets sometimes disappear and reappear without people knowing where the animals were, because either the animal is a Timefloof, or they’ve been traveling with a Timefloof as their companion.”

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  1. IttyBitty is a timefloof of the ‘always wakes humans up at the same time’ sort. She also knows exactly when her human is due home from work — she starts yargling at precisely five minutes before that (even when it’s Saturday, and he’s not at work but instead sitting on the couch watching television).

    Floofycat, on the other hand, may be a Timefloof of the time-traveling sort — she has a “time head” (big hair, like River Song) and everything.

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