The Distraction

The royal clowder lined up at his feet as the man made his way into his office. “What?” he asked, stopping, looking down at them, a cup of coffee in hand.

The cats began singing.

“We three cats have come to bug you.

“The weather is bad and we’ve nothing to do.

“We’re bored and restless and don’t like our food.

“Come and pet us or we’ll start biting you.”

The man rolled his eyes. “That old chestnut.” Then he threw a ball across the room to distract, darted into his office when they dashed away, closed the door, and put on noise-canceling headphones.

Sometimes, that was the only way he could get something done.

A Dream Mystery

This was a fun dream. I wasn’t actually a participant. This was more like watching a television, a police procedural – mystery – thriller. What really struck me was the main character. Tall white man in his mid-thirties with fine gray hair. His name was Andi Houle. The name caused a pause in my dream as the neurons chased that name. They came up with Houle from the tv series “19-2” (he was the sergeant). Why Andi? The neurons shrugged their shoulders over that.

In the dream, Houle was investigating a murder. As he did, he began realizing that evidence was adding up that he was the murder. Someone was framing him. Of course, he was racing to save himself and find the real killer and understand what was going on. Sadly, I was awakened before the climax. Damn cats.

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Warning: this is Tuesday. It is no longer Monday. Nor is it yet Wednesday. It’s certainly not Friday. Also, it’s January. And it’s the year 2023. Oh, wait, it’s 2022. My bad. And it’s the eighteenth. In a way, the date is like sandwich ingredients; you put it all together and see what you have.

Sunrise overtook our valley slot at 7:36 AM and will pass on at 5:08 PM. First light found the temperature to be 31 F. It’s climbed ten degrees since then and expects to climb another twelve before we fall back into shadow.

I heard Lil Nas X and his song “That’s What I Want” from 2021 on the radio the other day and took up singing it to my cats this morning. It’s a good song about desire, hope, and loneliness. I felt it was useful to sing to the cats. They were gathered, waiting for food. I know what they wanted. But I was being perverse.

These days I’m way too lonely
I’m missing out, I know
These days I’m way too alone
And I’m known for giving love away but

I want
Someone to love me
I need
Someone who needs me
‘Cause it don’t feel right when it’s late at night
And it’s just me in my dreams
So I want
Someone to love
That’s what I fucking want


Love the video, don’t you? Football teams in pink and blue uniforms, same sex athletes making out in the locker room.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the jabs as needed. I’m off for coffee. Cheers

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