The Real Life Dream

I dreamed I was with people who were preparing to monitor the results of an important experiment. We were high in a tall building. Part of it seemed to be lab but also living accommodations. I wasn’t part of the group and was envious, but hanging on the fringe, I’d become friends with several and a de facto insider. One young man who was part of the group had become a sort of mentor, explaining what was happening for me. He kept telling me, “You need to watch The Real Life. It’s the best documentary ever made, and it’ll explain all of this enough so that you’ll understand what’s going on.” He said this multiple times, in several different ways, and ordered me to repeat the title, “The Real Life”.

When I awoke and remembered the dream, I searched the net for such a documentary. Didn’t find it.

Floof Bush

Floof Bush (floofinition) – A plant where an animal likes to sleep or sit. Note: not to be confused with floofbush.

In use: “The middle poplar (of three) was the backyard floof bush, a space on a little hillock where the yard could be surveyed, sunshine swept in past leaves, and breezes kept whatever creature residing there from getting too hot.”

Tuesday’s Theme Music

Rain is falling and the mountains peek coyly through the fog. The wheel has spun, landing on…click click click…Tuesday, January 4, 2022. Now you might think, of course, what day did you expect? But then you’re assuming that everything is just as you believe when actually — oh, never mind. Sunrise was a weak tea moment at 7:40 AM. We expect sunset at 4:52 PM. It’s currently 39 F but we expect to see 43 today.

The rain and warmer temperatures have chased the snow away from many areas. Down in town’s lower levels, there’s no evidence a snowstorm had struck. Up around my house and above my elevation (1800 feet), there’s still plenty of snow. The storm has moved on across the country, dumping its load, stalling traffic, canceling flights, pretty and vicious, as nature can be.

I have “Jessica” by the Allman Brothers Band from 1973 weaving its notes in the morning mental music stream. The Allman Brothers were a youthful favorite and I’ve never tired of them. Wore the needle and grooves out on some vinyl, broke a cassette tape, and found it on CD. The net lets me easily enjoy their music, along with all those other terrific, talented people that find and make music. Technology can be quite a cool thing.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax and boosters. Now I’m gonna sit back, sip coffee, and enjoy the song. This coffee is a potent dark brew, French roast. Its kick would make a shambler zombie fast. Which is just about what I need this AM.

Here’s the tune. Cheers

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