Floofnag (floofinition) – An animal who can be annoying or irritating until they’re appeased.

In use: “Bevery tries organizing her day according to her priorities but it’s always subject to the floofnags — Pepper, a little Dachshund and his ally in mischief, a diluted calico named Dust — who demanded treats whenever she starts a Zoom meeting and has a consistent need to be in all rooms with her.”

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  1. Our Boo is one such floofnag. He loves nothing better than to sit on granddaughter Natasha’s lap, and if she is in the kitchen cleaning or cooking, he goes in there, stands at her feet, and screams at her until she gives in and sits down to hold and pet him.

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  2. Regulus is that way about food. He is rather like a newborn, needing fed every few hours particularly at night. We actually got a self-feeder for his 2:00am and 4:30am feedings. Finally, I sleep at night again. ~nan

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