Floofsession (floofinition) – 1. Someone who has an inordinately passionate fixation about animals.

In use: “Her effort to rescue one puppy become a floofsession to find, help, and rehome strays and abused animals.”

2. A visit focused on seeing or socializing with animals.

In use: “Petting zoos are an effective floofession for young children, giving them access to different animals under supervised conditions.”

3. An object or activity which keeps an animal’s attention.

In use: “With birds and squirrels busy in the backyard, the cats and dogs all developed a floofsession for looking out the back window.”


Floofscription (floofinition) – Words inscribed to describe an animal, particularly a pet or floof friend.

In use: “After his first pet passed away, he wrote a floofscription to explain how much the animal meant to him, and then decided from then on he’d write floofscriptions for his pets while they were alive, when he could celebrate them with them. That was the beginning of his private New Year’s Day routine.”


Floofophone (floofinition) – Family of woodwind instruments often used in floof jazz (floozz) music.

In use: “Reading her book in bed late at night, she paused to listen. She’d heard a noise. Her dog beside looked content, with his tail tapping time to some song that he heard. What she almost heard that came to him quite clearly was a floofophone carried on the wind as the Stray Dogs played down the street.”


Floofcapade (floofinition) – An adventurous, daring, or exciting act or incident involving an animal.

In use: “When our pets disappear from our view, people’s minds begin imagining their fur friends are caught in floofcapades that may take them away from them forever.”


Floofhaste (floofinition) – Alt spellings: Floof haste, floof-haste. Focused, concentrated activity by an animal exercising all possible speed.

In use: “Wind whipped through the yard, sending the grill cover flying and launching the cats and dogs floofhaste into the house.”


Floofrogative (floofinition) – An exclusive or special privilege, power, or right that an animal believes it has.

In use: “It’s an Internet fact that in most households with pets, the animals assume the floofrogative to sleep anywhere they want, despite human protests and commands.”


Infloofection (floofinition) – The state produced by the establishment of one or more animals in a location.

In use: “The little kitten was so sweet, and clearly needed help, so Beth thought she’d take him home for the night, which was how the infloofection began. Two more cats, a dog, and three years later, and she realized a floofdemic had begun.”

Shadow Floof

Shadow Floof (floofinition) – Conspiracy theory or body of theories that an unseen animal secretly controls everything.

In use: “Certain things couldn’t be explained, like all the pet food and treats being eaten, the amount of fur in the house and on her clothes (she was cleaning it all the time!), or the noises heard at night. To Karen, this was evidence of a shadow floof, manipulating her animals to take over her house.”

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