Gigantofloof (floofinition) – A very large animal.

In use: “Although size is relative among species and breeds, families, etc., most people seeing Logan, aka Moose, thought, wow, what a gigantofloof, especially when his tiny mother cat was beside him.”


Floofsessive (floofinition) – Object or person which an animal claims for their exclusive right.

In use: “Flash was floofsessive of not just her human, but the yard and the house where she resided with the human, issuing warning growls through the window to everyone from mail and delivery people to passing birds, squirrels, cats, and dogs.”


Floofnag (floofinition) – An animal who can be annoying or irritating until they’re appeased.

In use: “Bevery tries organizing her day according to her priorities but it’s always subject to the floofnags — Pepper, a little Dachshund and his ally in mischief, a diluted calico named Dust — who demanded treats whenever she starts a Zoom meeting and has a consistent need to be in all rooms with her.”

Peeping Floof

Peeping Floof (floofinition) – Animal who likes to furtively spy upon others.

In use: “One dog, two cats, one crow, and one squirrel — all were peeping floofs, monitoring every move that Wade made, from the bedroom to the bathroom, kitchen, garage, office — a peeping floof was always monitoring him.”


Floofsurp (floofinition) – for an animal to seize and hold objections, locations, or food in possession by force or without right.

In use: “Thowing a hissy fit, the fierce little cat floofsurped the big St. Bernard’s bed, leaving the huge canine floofmmoxed.”

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