Floofclave (floofinition) – A group of animals’ distinct territorial, cultural, or social unit established within another territory.

In use: “The dogs established a floofclave on the back patio while the cats decreed that the sunroom was their space, but Sugar, the new scamperbeast brazenly went wherever she desired, sleeping and playing among dogs and cats, regardless of floofclave.”

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      1. I’m sorry- I wasn’t able to post until now – or even look at comments. My husband passed away- I posted an update today- He was diagnosed with inoperable cancer In December. I’ll be posting again tomorrow. It feels good to be able to post and follow my favorite blogs again.

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      2. Ah. I commiserate with your loss. I’d followed progress on your blog and wasn’t hopeful, from my own experiences, but accepted what you were enduring. Some constants of life don’t change, and one is that coping with losing someone is a hard matter. May 2022 bring you some healing and happiness. Cheers

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      3. Thank you, Michael. I have been very blessed to have wonderful family support- and support of the hospice program- and the support and prayers of Twilight and Sushi’s readers. But most of all, The Lord Himself is my strength-and He keeps me leaning on Him, so I know we’ll get through it.

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