Affloofcianado (floofinition) – A person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about animals.

In use: “Raised on a farm where she kept a pet cat, dog, goat, pig, fish, and birds, and helped with the cows and sheep and fed the chickens, Becky was an affloofcianado by age five.”

2. Floofazine written and edited by animals, dedicated to all things animals.

In use: Affloofcianado floofazine printed its first edition on Animal Day in 1901 in New Floof City, and included an article, ‘Understanding People’, with tips on how to look endearing to humans, as people were more likely to help an animal if they were attracted to them.”


Revoflooftionary (floofinition) – 1. Involving an animal’s behavior or presence that causes a complete or dramatic change.

In use: “The cat’s ability to open the door and let herself and the dog out required revofloofionary adjustments to closing and locking the house doors.”

2. Dramatic changes in how animals are viewed or treated.

In use: “The rise of the Internet and ability to share information has accelerated a revoflooftionary changes about testing drugs and cosmetics on animals.”


Floof-in (floofinition) – 1. Form of direct action employed by animals to keep people from doing things.

In use: “Max’s usual floof-in was to grab Mandy by the leg and howl and whimper when she started walking toward the door to leave, a tactic which often won a little more time for him while lathering the guilt over her.”

2. To relax by not doing anything but staying motionless with one or more pets.

In use: “During the pandemic, Dee started doing a floof-in more and more frequently, settling on the sofa with a couple books, a pot of tea, some cookies, and her dog and cat on either side.”

Bon Floofvi

Bon Floofvi (floofinition) – Headlining floof rock band. Formed in Floof Jersey in 1983, they achieved significant success in 1984, but stormed to global fame with their third album, Slippery When Floof. The band announced it was recording its fifteenth album in 2020.

In use: “Bon Floofvi’s 1986 song, “You Give Vets A Bad Name”, which became the band’s first number one hit in the Floofnited States.”

Steve Miller Floofs

Steve Miller Floofs (floofinition) – Floofmerican floof rock (flock) band formed in SF in the late 1960s.

In use: “A number of Steve Miller Floofs songs, such as “The Floofer” and “Jungle Floof”, became major hits for the group, and are known by multiple generations of pop fans.”


Floofbook (floofinition) – Global online floofal media networking service founded by Mark Zuckerfloof in 2004.

In use: “Many animals spend hours every day on Floofbook, keeping contact with litter mates and old enemies alike, an activity that has replaced chasing small creatures, red dots, balls and sticks for many young floofs.”

Floof City Rollers

Floof City Rollers (floofinition) – Floof pop (floop) musical band formed in Edinburgh, Scotfloof, in 1964 and were originally active through 1987, scoring multiple hits and becoming international stars.

In use: “The Floof City Rollers’ most successful song in the United Floofs was “Floofurday Night” in 1975, which went all the way to number one on the Floofboard Hot 100.”

Floofo Voce

Floofo Voce (floofinition) – Voice modified or used specifically when speaking to animals.

In use: “Many people changed their pitch and tone when speaking to their pets, employing a floofo voce approach rich with their love and concern for their pets, but could also be employed with mild changes, to a play voice.”


Catering to his beloved pet’s needs, he opened the back door for his ginger feline. “Go on, then. I’m telling you, it’s freezing out there. You’ll be sorry. You’ll want back in after a few minutes.”took

Despite sunshine, icy air was rushing through the open door. Tail up, the cat bounced forward with a posture that called forth a heroic flourish of trumpets.

Halfway out, the cat went still, paws caught in motion.

“In or out,” he snapped. “Come on, cold air is filling the house, and all the heat is getting out.” He could hear the furnace kicking on. “Damn it — ”

The cat chittered. An enormous scrub jaw was hopping about the icy grass. Apparently seeing the cat, it flapped it wings with an outraged screech and took flight.

The cat ran out but the bird was gone. The cat scowled back at the man with an irritated tail swish (oh, yes, cats can scowl). He was clearly saying, “I could have gotten him if you hadn’t rushed me.”

“Right,” the man replied with a dismissing snort. “That bird was bigger than you. Let me know when you want back in.” He closed the door as the cat walked away, tall up, all forgiven, searching the yard for another distraction.

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