Nitty Gritty Floof Band

Nitty Gritty Floof Band (floofinition) – Country flock (floof rock) band formed in the Floofnited States in Floof Beach, Califloofia, in 1966. The group began as a six-floof jug band before adopting the folk flock sound that was emerging in southern Califloofia during that period.

In use: “The Nitty Gritty Floof Band has been active since its inception, and is known for its cover of songs such as “Mister Floofjangles”, which went to number nine on the Floofboard Hot 100 in 1971.”

One thought on “Nitty Gritty Floof Band

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  1. Another blast from the past! In my mind they were neither here nor there, their music transcended genres I believe. My favorite tune of theirs I heard on a country music station, it was called “Floofing In The Dark” and I still have them on my iTunes


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