Newfloof (floofinition) – (Floof slang (flang)): A new animal to the area, household, or organization.

In use: “Candice came in with a small puppy in her arms, her newest rescue. The other housefloofs immediately came up to welcome the newfloof with sniffs and licks.”

A Dream of Losing Things

Honestly, it disturbed. A resolution that satisfied me never emerged, and I’m uncomfortable with what I seem to be telling myself.

I began by losing my direction. Nominally happy, I was in one place and needed to go to another. A sprawling, multi-leveled place, it was well-populated by like travelers going from one place to another. The site seemed to be a mixed-use center for business, retail, and residences, but it was huge, about the size of my small town (six square miles), and at least five levels, perhaps more, and busy. While going outside to go from one area/level to another was possible, I mostly stayed within.

Leaving one place, I was hurrying along. But where was I going? I thought I knew but then thought, oh, shouldn’t I be going the other way? Retracing my steps didn’t work; apparently I took a wrong time. Now I didn’t know where I was to go. Others were there and talking to them gave me some clues. But, just as I was getting underway, I inexplicably took off one of my shoes. Chocolate brown suede, I dropped one shoe, gasping with disappointment as it went straight down a square cutout and down several levels. Before I could continue on, I’d need to descend to retrieve my shoe.

All kinds of problems entered my mind about this, like, how was I going to go down at least two levels and find the shoe? What if someone took it away before I reached it? I tried shouting down for others’ attention, thinking someone might be able to throw my shoe back up to me. No one responded. With a rueful grin, I accepted that I’d need to find my way down there.

Meanwhile, I removed my other shoe, thinking it’d be more comfortable to be walking in my socks rather than with one shoe. So, carrying my remaining brown suede shoe, I searched for the nearest steps, elevator, whatever, down. As I went, I lost my other shoe. Now panicked, other worries struck. Did I have my laptop? I think I left my laptop behind. Panic exploding, I started checking my cases. I had two over my shoulders, one gray and one black. Both were laptop cases; no laptop in either. I was carrying empty cases.

Rushing back to my origins, I hunted the room where I’d been, hoping that I’d left my laptop there. I was somehow turned around, though, and ended up lost in somewhere entirely new. Finding a map and talking to people, I learned that I was far from where I’d begun and had little idea how to get back to where I was. Retracing my steps would be ideal but I was clueless.

There it was: I’d lost my shoes, my laptop, and my way. I was in a place where I didn’t know with little idea of where to go.

Classic anxiety dream.

Monday’s Theme Music

Long gray and blue clouds glower over the mountain and far away conifers. A sliver of blue is sliced above them. Thicker clouds, the color of an old white tee shirt caught by the sun, pile in around the valley. It’s a pretty scene in southern Oregon.

Good morning. Welcome to Monday, March 15, 2021. Our local star slipped over the horizon at 7:23 AM and is expected to hide behind the western lands around 7:17 PM. Winter’s tattered edges took my wedge of the valley by storm last night. With winds burbling and gossiping all through the darkness, guesses about what awaited us exceeded what we received. That angry wind has wandered off. Lawns who’d been welcoming spring with green blades are now dressed in scanty white. The black tar streets are shiny wet as the thermometer hunts the middle thirties. A 2019 Post Malone song, “Circles”, is brought to mind by this wintry scene. In this instance, winter and spring are the lovers sparring in his song.

Seasons change and our love went cold
Feed the flame ’cause we can’t let go
Run away, but we’re running in circles
Run away, run away

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Silly, aren’t I? Sorry, it’s PC: Pre-Coffee. I’m dependent upon my fingers’ muscle memories to put anything on this screen. Test negative, stay positive, wear a mask, and get the vax. Cheers

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