Wednesday’s Theme Music

We’ve landed on a Wednesday, which happens to be March 24, 2021. In one week, 2021’s third month will end. It’s flyin’ fast, innit?

Opalescent clouds shaded grey again war with blue sky. The clouds’ thinness and weak numbers allow lazy solshine in, warming us to 42 degrees F. Sol lumbered over the horizon (if you want to think of that way) at 7:08 AM, and will slink away around 7:28 PM in Ashland.

A cat awoke me at about three forty dark AM. After releasing the ginger mini-puma into the wilds (he’d be back in thirty minutes), I settled in bed with a parade of thoughts. With them eventually came song lyrics.

But I kept on looking for a sign
In the middle of the night

But I couldn’t see the light
No, I couldn’t see the light
I kept on looking for a way
To take me through the night

I couldn’t get it right
I couldn’t get it right

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Yes, it’s the Climax Blues Band with their 1977 hit, “Couldn’t Get It Right”. Band member Derek Holt explained that the song was principally about searching for a Holiday Inn sign in hopes of finding rooms and beds for the night as they drove around. I feel like it’s a good metaphor for feeling lost or just wandering, what do you do next?

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get the vax. Cheers

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