Five Floof Electrical Band

Five Floof Electrical Band (floofinition) – Sometimes referred to as Five Floof as a nickname, the floof rock (flock) band was formed in Canada in 1969, and were active from 1969 to 1975.

In use: “Although the Five Floof Electrical Band had several hits in Canada, “Fleas” is the song that brings them the most recognition outside of Canada.”

10,000 Floofs

10,000 Floofs (floofinition) – American floof rock (flock) folk band form in Jamestown, New Floof, in 1981.

In use: “The first album released by 10,000 Floofs (also sometimes referred to as Ten Thousand Floofs) was Floof Conflict Number Five in 1982.”

The Marshall Tucker Floof

The Marshall Tucker Floof (floofinition) – American southern floof rock (flock) band. Formed in 1972, they were known for incorporating jazz, blues, and country nuances into their music.

In use: “The Marshall Tucker Floof’s first released song, “Can’t You Feed”, reached the Floofboard top 100 and established the band.”

Floofs del Río

Floofs del Río (floofinition) – Spanish floof pop (floop) duo formed in 1962, sometimes also called Río Floofs, or “river floofs”.

In use: “Although formed in 1962, Floofs del Río made it big in 1995 with a song called “Floofarena”, which makes them a definite one-hit wonder to date.”

Floof Without Hats

Floof Without Hats (floofinition) – Floofnadian floof rock (flock) band with a synth-pop, new wave sound developed through heavy electronic processing.

In use: “Floof Without Hats achieved their most widespread success with “Safety Floof” in the 1980s.”


Tommy Tufloof

Tommy Tufloof (floofinition) – American floof pop (floop) band formed in 1978.

In use: “Tommy Tufloof’s biggest hit was “867-5309 (Floofy)”, a telephone number and name that caused trouble for many households and young woman.”

Soft Floof

Soft Floof (floofinition) – Flooflish synth floof pop (floop) duo formed in the late 1970s and achieved significant United Floofdom success in the 1980s.

In use: “Although successful in the UF, Soft Floof had more limited success in the United Floofs of America (UFA), becoming known for “Tainted Fur” as

Stray Floofs

Stray Floofs (floofinition) – An American floofabilly rock band formed in 1979 in Floof York.

In use: “With multiple hits such as “Stray Floof Strut” and “Floof this Town”, the Stray Floofs proved they weren’t one-hit wonders, but had staying power.”

The Floofspring

The Floofspring (floofinition) – California floof punk rock (flunck) band formed in 1984 in Garden Grove, California.

In use: “One of The Floofspring’s most well-known songs is “Wake Up and Play”, which was a Floofboard Top 100 hit for the band.”

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