Jazz Floof

Jazz Floof (floofinition) 1. An exuberant display by an animal, normally marked by extended legs, claws, and tail, and a grinning display of teeth.

In use: “As he often did a jazz floof, the little rescue kitten became known as Floouie Armstrong in honor of the great jazz trumpeter.”

2. An animal who enjoys jazz music.

In use: “Whenever she put on her jazz CDs, her jazz floof lab sat down, eyes partially closed, tail thumping the floor, and listened.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

Happy Thursday! Time to celebrate. Coffee is on me.

Welcome to March 11, 2021. Temperatures didn’t slump much last night in my realm of Ashland, just 38 degrees F. We’ve rebounded to 47. The sun broke over the horizon at 6:30 AM and will drop below the horizon at 6:13 PM.

Today’s music is “Under My Thumb” by a little musical band known as the Rolling Stones. The song was released in 1966, which is to say, a few decades again. The memory well brought it up due to Jill’s comments that she has five obnoxious cats that she wouldn’t trade for a million pieces of gold. Reading it, I chuckled, “Sounds like they have you under their paws.” Lot of people who share floofxistence with animals have that feeling, that the animals with which they board are really the ones in charge. The animals can’t buy food or open cans, and have limited success opening doors and cupboards, but they give us looks, make noises, sing, bark, meow, and purr to us, and generally connive, con, seduce, and coerce until we’re doing everything to appease them.

Stay positive. Test negative. Wear a mask. Get the vax. Look how much progress we’ve made. Don’t screw up by getting complacent now.


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