The Last Straw Rant

Plastic straws are the latest convenience to come under attack. Honestly, I won’t miss them.

I grow up under the impression that straws were for children to drink milkshakes. That was later amended to include smoothies and fraps. But straws for ice tea, lemonade, and water in a restaurant? No.

I witnessed that whole evolution and shift. I remember being in a California restaurant and being asked if I wanted a straw for my ice tea. What? No. I then remember dining with another person in California, and she specifically asked for a straw for her water, and another for her ice tea.

That was the mid-nineties, and I thought it strange. I became horrified and startled by how frequently people asked for straws if straws weren’t given to them. I often asked people in the early years why they wanted a straw. Many didn’t want to put their lips on the glass. Others didn’t like the ice bumping up against their face, nose, or lips. More said that they thought it neater, or more refined.

I guess that’s why I never took straws up; I’m neither neat nor refined. I rarely drink milkshakes, fraps, or smoothies these days. I guess I’ll acquire a metal straw for the times that I do.

It might be my last straw.


12 thoughts on “The Last Straw Rant

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  1. So you won’t feel left out I gotta tell you; I won’t miss them either.
    Yes, thats right, I rarely use straws myself.
    My wife, on the other hand, isn’t going to take this “strawless society” with a smile on her face.

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  2. I like straws because cold hurts my teeth, and a straw seems to help that. I grew up with paper straws, and think those should replace the plastic variety. Near a high school in our area, I noticed no less than 16 plastic straws in about a four square foot area. That really showed the need to phase out plastic straws.

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    1. I’ve never experienced sensitive teeth or gums, and have little insight into them. I was initially surprised to learn that some toothpaste causes people discomfort, as do hot or cold beverages. Once again, it’s demonstrated that not everything is the same for everyone.


      1. What was once forbidden is now the norm, and what was once the norm now forbidden. What was once popular is now forgotten, and what was long forgotten is back in the public’s eye. Sounds about right.

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  3. … sooo, screw the oceans?
    How about this, use a reusable straw? Seriously, if a disabled person really needs it well then the insurance should kick in and pay for a reusable straw, anyway. How bout a paper straw, or a veggie straw, or (gasp) one made from hemp.

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