Country Joe and the Floof

Country Joe and the Floof (floofinition) – Floofmerican floofedelic flock band who performed with a country/folk twist. Formed in Califloofia in the mid-1960s, they soon became influential in the burgeoning San Floofcisco music scene that was growing around the themes of protest, love, peace, and drugs.

In use: “Country Joe and the Floof had one hit song commercially, “Not So Sweet Floof Lorraine”, which was released in 1967, while the “I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Puke” rag became the song for which the duo was most well-known.”

Happy International Women’s Day

A friend owns an online business called 1000Museums. Quoting them, “1000MUSEUMS is the place to discover, shop and share museums and exhibitions from around the world!” It’s a fascinating site. They’re offering a flash sale to honor IWD. If you have an interest, take a peek. If you want to buy, use the code. Better hurry. Flashes don’t last.


Gamefloof (floofinition) – Animal who enjoys playing and/or participating in sports.

In use: “In a video recording, a young buck shoes he’s a gamefloof when he’s caught playing with a ball, scores a goal, and then celebrates.”

A Magenta Blanket Dream

Wave upon wave of dreams crashed upon my dream psyche last night. They left a lot to unpack. However, I’m only mentioning the final dream here.

I got out of bed and began making it. As I was halfway through, I discovered a large, magenta blanket on the bed. Holding onto it, I thought, wow, that is soft but where did it come from? I looked around; I’d never seen the blanket before. Chuckling with amusement, I decided I’d throw it on top of the duvet as a final cover. When I did, it spread out and smoothly covered the entire bed. I reacted, “Cool,” and then looked around, a smile on my face.

Dream end.

Monday’s Theme Music

IMO, Earth has the best coffee. Full disclosure: I’ve never had coffee from another planet (that I know).

Greetings and welcome to Monday, March 8, 2021. It’s a chilly, rainy, sunny, snow-threating 37 degrees F outside. The snow is only a threat if you’re above 4,000 feet. We are not so we’ll instead get Solrays and a high in the low fifties. Solrise came at 6:35 AM and Soldip will be at 6:09 PM.

Today’s music choice comes via the Wayback Machine and Bonnie Tyler. “It’s A Heartache”, the 1977 hit, is dedicated to a friend. Breast cancer claimed his wife on Saturday after fighting it for almost six years.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get the vax.

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