Floofway (floofinition) – 1. The manner in which an animal goes above doing something. 2. A corridor, hallway, path, or structure dedicated to helping animals safely travel.

In use: “The dog’s floofway required him to go out at dawn’s break regardless of the season, do his business in the backyard, and then find something to bring in as a gift to his people. Sometimes, it was a flower, leaf, or toy, but he’d also brought in towels, balls, sandals, and shoes.”

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  1. Don’t you know … every path or passageway is a floofway! So, you’re carrying a basket full of laundry down the stairs, but no matter … if a floof decides to take a break and wash himself in the middle of the 7th step, he WILL have his way! ‘Tis the way of floofs, or the floofway!

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