Con Floof (aka Confidence Floof)

Con Floof (aka Confidence Floof) (floofinition) – An animal who gains another’s trust and then cheats them.

In use: “His cats (and he used that possessive by habit, not because he believed they were really his — did any cat really belong to anyone else except themselves?) kept telling him that if he gave them more treats, they would take him with them when they used to floof exchange to leave Earth for good, but he was beginning to think they were a bunch of con floofs.”


Floofmagic (floofinition) – 1. Quantum acts (such as appearing to be in two different places instantaneously) done by animals that seem to defy ordinary physics and classical science. 2. Animals’ ability to calm and relax others.

In use: “Tupper suffered from nightmares, but once Leggo the dog arrived and applied his floofmagic, everything changed.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

I’ve been reading a lot about walls in recent months for some odd reason.

Walls. Are they needed? Do they work? Are they being built? How much do they cost? Can’t we just buy a DIY at Home Depot?

Wondering why there’s all this talk about walls was obviously an invitation for “Wonderwall” by Oasis (1995) to slip over and around my walls and into my stream.

It fits as a song for the times, though; wonderwall, in the modern urban sense, is about a person you’re infatuated with.

Lots of people seem infatuated with walls these days.


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