I met a woman named Laurel today. She’s young and pleasant. I began wondering about her name. I’ve never met anyone named Oak or Maple as a first name. No Pine or Spruce. I’ve heard of Willows and Magnolias but have never met them.

What about Spruce? It’s in use, but way down at #12,611 in 2018 according to BabyCenter, and it’s a boy’s name.

I can imagine a female named Spruce. “Hello, I’m Spruce.”

“Oh, pleased to meet you, Spruce. Lovely name, by the way.”

We shake hands. “Thank you. I’m named after a tree.”

Works for me.


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  1. Some people have been telling me for years that Rowan is a females-only sort of name (because it’s not as if there’s a famous British male comedian named Rowan, right?) and that I’m Doing It Wrong as a writer to name the younger brother of one of the characters in my stories Rowan. (*suddenly wonders if any of Rowan’s friends refer to him as ‘the big, scary dude’*)

    And Holly… “That’s a girl’s name!” Not necessarily: sometimes it’s a diminuative of Hollis or whatever. (The first fictional person named Holly I encountered was male. A rabbit, but a male rabbit. Ditto for Hazel, come to think of it.) And since there are destinctly male holly trees, I don’t think anyone should be insisting that the tree, and thus the name derived from it, must be “female only.”

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    1. What twaddle exists in the world. These arbiters of decisions such as what name belongs to what gender, wearing white after Labor Day, and many other bizarre and shallow social conventions (“Because that’s how it’s always been!” “Yeah? How did it GET like that?”) are irritating and petty folk at least in some aspects. I think I’ll name a male character Barbara. Which, of course, reminds me of a Johnny Cash song about a boy named Sue.

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