Floofdalize (floofinition) – Deliberate damage or destruction done by a housepet.

In use: “Once again, the cats and dogs had floofdalized her home, overturning the trash can and spreading its contents and wiping out her house plants. Of course, none of the floofdals were in sight; they were too smart for that.”

Wednesday’s Theme Music

I was doing my pre-writing walk through Ashland this morning, shuffling through golden leaves that’d lived their last, pushing against a nippy chill and leaning toward thin morning sunshine whenever it was found, when songs streamed in from the ethos. First up was the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” but “Get It On (Back A Gong)” by T. Rex replaced it after a few blocks.

I decided the latter would be a good theme song this morning, but I wanted to go with the cover. Who the hell did the cover?

Well, my mind quickly abandoned that question, returning to writing — that’s what the walk is all about — but as I entered the coffee shop at the end of the two miles, my brain said, The Power Station, 1985.

Oh, yeah.

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