The Commercial Dream

It’s difficult to characterize and summarize this dream as anything except a commercial break between other dreams.

To my knowledge, this dream began October 21, because I posted about it that morning. Versions of it have been erratically but frequently recurring since then. It’s so short, like thirty seconds when I think about it, I’ve started wondering if I dreamed it or imagined that I dreamed it.

And it’s simple. I dream that I’m standing somewhere. There’s not really a background or place. I’m always younger. I look like I’m in my early twenties. Sometimes I’m bathed in a circle of light and I’m looking down on myself. Other times, I can see myself standing upright a few feet away, dressed, like I’m about to do something or leave. My clothing don’t really stand out. I just know it’s me. Sometimes, I see only my upper self, still dressed, from a few feet away.

In all cases, I then hear a voice. The voice is male and light. It doesn’t remind me of anyone. Sometimes it says, “Swaddle yourself in yellow.” Other times, swaddle is replaced by swathe, coat, or bathe. Yellow light then floods over me.

Only the first one that I remember in this series was different. In that one, I was spreading yellow butter on my forearm.

Then it’s on to other dreams.


Floofperstition (floofinition) – Excessively credulous reverence for animals and their powers, especially their ability to bring luck to humans.

In use: “Daniel didn’t consider himself superstitious, but talking to his dog, Chaparral, he realized that he’d developed a floofperstition that his lab was a good luck talisman. Since rescuing the dog, he’d won the lottery, published a bestseller, fallen in love and married, and now had his first baby. Coincidence? That’s what some would say. Others would say luck. He said, floofperstition; it was the dog.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

Suffering from a cold caught while traveling. So today, blowing my nose while coughing and shaking my head, I was like, “I just want to be okay.”

I’m doing much better and expect to be okay today. That popped the song, “Be OK” by Ingrid Michaelson (2008). It’s a bouncy tune with not much depth, perfect for my mind, which isn’t deep.

A light song is good for today, though, as I surf political news, roll my eyes, and walk away to take a break from the world. It is Sunday.

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