Floofmuda Triangle

Floofmuda Triangle (floofinition) – A triangular area created by three animals into which things seem to mysteriously disappear.

In use: “She sat down in her recliner to enjoy a snack and some Netflix. The dog and two cats immediately formed a floofmuda triangle. Anything dropped was going to disappearĀ fast.”


Floofkeeping (floofinition) – 1. The occupation of owning and breeding animals. 2. The occupation of a floofkeeper.

In use: “Many people disliked floofkeepers, as breeding conditions led to deplorable puppy mills and too many kittens in cages desperate for homes.”

Not That

I’m not that old when you look at the seas

not that young when you look at me

I know I’m male, maybe fiveĀ on a scale

but I don’t know what that means

I’m not that white when you look at snow

not that dark when you look at me

not that dumb when you see a rock

not that smart when you talk to me

I’m not that bright when you look at the sun

not that companionable when you’re looking for fun

not that simple when you add one and one

not that easy when you take away one

not that worldly in the sum of my parts

not that able, strong, or smart

not that forgiving in what I’ve seen and heard

not that judgmental in the lessons learned

Thursday’s Theme Music

This song popped up due to a FB meme featuring Frank Zappa. After some bits of his songs streamed through my head, his biggest U.S. hit, “Valley Girl” (1982), got into it.

“Valley Girl”, valspeak, and the entire valley girl phenomena thundered through popular culture in the 1980s. “Gag me with a spoon” became a standard catchphrase until you were ready to strangle anyone uttering it.

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