Komprofloof (floofinition) – Information about their owners that housepets know.

In use: “The cats and dogs had a great deal of komprofloof on Karen. Karen was supposedly such a healthy eater but her pets knew better. Although she¬†suspected¬†that they couldn’t and wouldn’t betray her, she always shared her secret snack foods…just in case.”

Monday’s Theme Music

Thinking about novel writing brought song lyrics into my stream yesterday:

We always did feel the same, we just saw it from a different point of view.

That summarizes much of my writing approach. I’m a fan of the unreliable narrator. Most people are unreliable narrators of their lives and stories, blinded by perceptions that weren’t there, changing what they said they saw and felt later, revising their approaches and feelings. I enjoy juxtaposing the clash of facts and memories, and letting emotions spill over.

The song line is from Bob Dylan’s 1975 song, “Tangled Up in Blue”. I’ve always enjoyed the sort of abstract, complex and yet surprisingly simple sentiments and reflections the song delivers through its point of view. So human.

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