Floofbrary (floofinition) – A place in which animals, particularly pets, (such as cats, dogs, birds, fish, hamsters, and guinea pigs) are kept but are not for sale, adoption, or public viewing.

In use: “Entering the Wilkinson floofbrary immediately caused a raising of heads or opening of eyes as the animals took in the new break in their day. After a moment, many yawned and stood, stretching, before cantering over to greet the visitor.”

Friday’s Theme Music

I’m afraid today’s music is another one that just snuck into the stream and refuses to depart. I don’t know why it came in – I was cleaning the kitchen at the time and planning my day.

“Rosanna” by Toto isn’t a bad song at all. I got to know it and all of Toto IV (1982) intimately. I was stationed at Kadena Air Base on Okinawa, Japan, at the time. My best bud, Jeff, loved the Toto IV album. The harmonies enthralled him. We used to go camping up at Okuma, where the military had a recreation area, and Toto IV with “Rosanna” was always played a few times a day.

Good ol’ Jeff. Fun, smart guy. Haven’t heard from or about him in decades.

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