Día de Floofos

Día de Floofos (floofinition) – Day of the Animals (November 26 – November 28) Global holiday observed by animals to celebrate and remember other animals, especially those who passed before them. Festivities and rituals vary by region and species, but many animals will choose to go into seclusion for at least a portion of the time to commune with animals who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

In use: “To help his pets celebrate Día de Floofos, he bought special foods and toys, and then left the house to them so that they could celebrate without holding back.”


Floofdicial (floofinition) – Of, by, or appropriate to an animal’s judgement.

In use: “No matter what she tried to do to make Oreo happy, the feline always gave her a floofdicial stare that declared, “Guilty,” forcing her to go back to giving Oreo the treats that she preferred.”

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