Floofbert’s Rules of Order

Floofbert’s Rules of Order (floofinition) – Reference guide used by animals to provide the orderly conduct of meeting with one another.

In use: “While Floofbert’s Rules of Order is accepted among many animals, especially housepets, a number of animals refuse to embrace the guidance, arguing that it is against the laws of nature. This is especially so among cats, who believe they are chosen by the gods to rule.”

2 thoughts on “Floofbert’s Rules of Order

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  1. They don’t believe, they know!
    Which is one of the reasons I largely prefer dogs….
    Had for a few days a kitten seemingly w/o owner. That little beautiful beast terrorized my dog in ways I couldn’t imagine. Brought the little bugger back to the office on Monday where it was claimed after 10 days of ‘no show’ by an owner who insulted me that I was stealing his pet…. (mind you, I fed the baby, gave it its drink, the full love-treatment – it decided on its love for me by stamping over my keyboard constantly, parking its tiny body on my feet the minute I sat down and followed me to the car every time I left the office). But treating my older pet like a slave, NO! 😉

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    1. The feline floofs will do that to others. Terrorizing as though they’re entitled. LOL. Yet such sweetness and charm is also in them. Well, you did a good thing. Earned some karma points and took care of another in need. Cheers


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