Flooftypal (floofinition) – Very typical of a certain kind of animal.

In use: “Mama Meow was one of the growing flooftypal mothers seen on the net of late, willing and eager to raise orphaned babies from another species — squirrels, in this instance.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

Welcome to Sunday, September 26, 2021. Sunshine folded through a starling’s egg blue sky at 7:01 AM. Twelve hours and one minute later, the sun will roll back out today. Our air quality is good after slipping into the moderate zone yesterday. Temperatures are wonderful, a low of 52 F overnight and a high about 79 this afternoon. No wind, no rain. Rain is anticipated tomorrow. It feels like a perfect day. After the summer’s smokiness, we’re all loving it. I think fall is becoming my favorite season, mostly because summers have become so miserable: hot (frequently over 100 F), dry, smoky.

Talking politics this morning with our houseguest. She’s as progressive as us, but she has some staunch conservative sisters. So she experiences frustration. We ended up talking about the anti-vaxxing movement in Florida. They are adamant against vaccinations with multiple reasons given. Some claim ther — and elsewhere — COVID-19 is overblown. A hoax. No worse than the flu. You’ve probably heard these things. Second, they don’t trust the vaccine. Unsure of long-term effects of the vaccine. Or, it’s the mark of the beast. Nevermind that the long-term effects of COVID-19 are growing rapidly clearer. Survivors aren’t always left without problems. But while doubting the science and decrying the vaccines, they’re eager for the monoclonal antibody treatment for anyone who gets COVID-19 because they’re not vaccinated against it. The bizarre logic quilt is dizzying. Dismaying.

So, we agreed, we need patience. After that, “Patience” by Guns N’ Roses from 1989. The song doesn’t apply to this situation. No. This power ballad is about a rocky relationship between a man and a woman. But its weary undertones fit well for this political era, the virus, national divisiveness, and the struggle to find the political will to achieve cohesive action. So it fits IMO.

Stay positive. Yes, it can be hard. Test negative. Wear a mask as needed, and get the vax, and boosters when available. Have some coffee. Hope you have an enjoyable day. Cheers

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