Floofsensical (floofinition) – Something strange or baffling that makes complete sense to an animal.

In use: “It was floofsensical to everyone — including the cats — but the French bulldog loved nothing better than getting on his back and slowly sliding down the carpeted steps, and would do so again and again. His family began calling him ‘The Stairmaster’.”

Another Dream of Frustration

Yes, another dream about communications. Being in the military. And technology. Except it wasn’t the US military. Wasn’t the Air Force. I was part of a different military organization. Black or very dark blue — couldn’t tell in the dream — one piece uniforms. Like coveralls. Belted. Black boots. Caps. Insignia that was made up of diamonds and stars in silver and gold on epaulets.

Some disaster was eminent. Tidal waves, storms, and flooding. Another guy and I were trying to organize stuff. He outranked me but I was asserting my ideas. It had to do with displays. What should we put on the displays? What would be most useful? A tech informed us that we could have more than one display up concurrently. How many were the max? Four. Then let’s put four up.

A vision came to me about what we could do. I became animated with the idea. Was trying to explain and sell it to the rest, especially the man in charge. My exasperation expanded. How could he not see and understand this, blah, blah? I slowed down. Became patient. He began to grasp the plan. But whereas I wanted to display information about the weather, our readiness, etc., he countered, “Let’s put information about eggs up there.”

Eggs. I was taken so far back. “Why would you put eggs up there?”

“So that everyone knows how many eggs we have,” the man in charge replied.

“Why would anyone care about eggs? We’re a military organization. There’s a storm due to hit at any minute. Why would we put information about eggs up?”

But he was insistent. The dream ended with me turning away and walking off, shaking my head.

Saturday’s Theme Music

Welcome to the land of Nod, where it’s Saturday, September 25, 2021, where sleep was precious last night. A friend is having her house’s floors redone so we put her up for a few nights. Well. Certain feline household members were wound up by this, you know. Insisted on talking about it, especially when a door was closed. “What’s going on behind that closed door?” they wondered. “I’ve never seen a closed door before. I must get in and learn what’s on the other side.” On and on through the night. Woof.

Can you believe that it’s the last Saturday of the month? Yes, already. And the first Saturday of autumn if you live to the equator’s north. First spring Saturday to the south. First Fall Saturday should be a holiday, I think. Let’s make it one.

Sunshine folded in on us at 7:01 AM. Sunset will be at 7:03 in our valley. Almost to the tipping point, hey? The night temperature bottomed out at 60 F. Yesterday we saw 87. It was a fascinating rise. Rose 18 degrees in less than an hour as a warm wind swept the region. A high of about the same is expected today.

Memory inspired today’s mental music stream. I was walking a few years back and witnessed a murmuration over a cemetery. Might have been one; I don’t know if they were starlings. But there was a large flock conducting organized, high-precision flights, turning one way and then another in a fascinating display. Much noise with it. I recalled the scene this morning while checking out the AM landscape. Birds were busy birding and socializing. Coldplay’s 2005 song, “Speed of Sound” came into mind play.

All that noise, and all that sound
All those places I got found
And birds go flying at the speed of sound
To show you how it all began
Birds came flying from the underground
If you could see it then you’d understand

h/t to Genius.com

Stay positive, test negy, wear a mask as needed, get the vax when possible, do all the right things so we can get through this and put our feet back onto a more normal setting. Meanwhile, I’ll get a cuppa coffee and pass it around. Here’s the music. Cheers

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