Floofmanitarian (floofinition) – Person promoting animal welfare and reform.

In use: “Of course Barbie talks to her animals. Animals are people, too, deserving of as great or greater protection than humans, because humans can speak up for themselves whereas animals can’t. That was where it all started, as a one-person operation rescuing and fostering orphans. Now she was a floofmanitarian, running a global organization dedicating resources to educating others about animal rights.”

Friday’s Theme Music

TGIF. Though working on my own schedule for years, the thought that it’s Friday still gives me a mental boost. Energy jumps. So does happiness. Anticipation. Friday!

Today is September 3, 2021. We have a smoky one here in Ashland. Yep. The sun furtively stole in past the mountains and trees at 6:38 this morning. Temperatures continue the cool trend. Highs around here will be in upper seventies or low eighties. Then here comes sunset about 7:42 in the evening.

For something different on this different Friday (yes, but aren’t they all?), I went with “Icky Thump” by The White Stripes (2007). (I keep wanting to call it the Icky Shuffle cuz of football. You either understand or you don’t.) Another of those songs where I listened because my ears were asking, “Wait, what is he singing?” Plus, I liked the beat and Jack’s gi-tar. Part of the song marks American immigration policies and white’s attitudes. “We’re here, this is our land,” denying others entrance when, after all, we’re not the originals who were here. We came in, killed and destroyed, driving out the people who were here. That’s the past, people say, trying to turn their heads away. Uh-huh.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax. Here’s the music. Good day. La la la la la la la

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