Flooftorian (floofinition) – 1. An imperial animal bodyguard.

In use: “The big German Shepherd was friendly as all get-out until someone raised a voice or a hand at Robby. Maxwell was then immediately a Flooftorian, ready to destroy anyone threatening his person in any way.”

2. A human who fights for animals and their rights and defends animals.

In use: “The little girl became a Flooftorian when she was five when she stopped older kids from mistreating and abusing a puppy. Though she did not know it, her course for the future was set.”

3. An animal from the planet Floofto.

In use: “After the Flooftorian exited the Floof Exchange, arriving on Earth, she began looking for a place to call home. Her appearance resembled a T-rex, so it surprised many. They thought the species was extinct, and didn’t realize that it had just gone off to other worlds.”

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