Floofphasia (floofinition) – Phenomenon of secret language developed by animals that humans can’t hear nor comprehend.

In use: “Unlike floofish, a language cultivated to be universally employed by all Earth species outside of humans, floofphasia usually resulted in a unique household languages, and typically resulted from one or more of the animals having a poor compehension of floofish.”

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  1. I have a sign on my front window … “Floofphasia Spoken Here”. It is spoken, and they obviously understand it, but I’m always left in the dark … especially after the conspiracy to turn the lamp over, breaking the bulb, and then while I am searching for a flashlight, steal my food!

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      1. You are so right … well, except for Tiger Lily … Tiger Lily is actually mean … downright mean, and I have indelible scars to prove it. She rubs up against you … “Pet me”, she says. “Please???”, she begs. And then, you pet her … one stroke, two stro … YEOW!!!!! Teeth and claws in the hand!!! Stitches, scars, the whole nine yards!

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