Sunday’s Theme Music

5:35 AM swept by.

The sun didn’t show.

The FIC (Floof-in-charge) gave that a whiskery frown. They’d been on the job for over six centuries. The sunrising thingy had a rhythm they’d notice after a few years on the job. Maybe they’d missed something on the schedule. Consulting it, they confirmed Sunday, June 6, 2021…

Nothing scheduled. Sunrise, 5:35 AM.

Pulling out the cosmo communicator, they called up to the regional system overseer. “This is the Ashland FIC. We were supposed to have a sunrise at 5:35.” They were looking around as they were talking. No sunlight. Not even false dawn. The birds were muttering about it. Bears, cats, and nocturnal animals milled around, wondering what was going on.

“What’s the problem?” the overseer said in their nasally voice.

“There’s no sunrise.” The FIC then wondered. “Did the sun rise everywhere else on schedule?” It seemed implausible that it was an Ashland-only issue, but equally amazing that it’d happened elsewhere and went unreported.

“Shit,” the overseer said. “The sun didn’t rise anywhere. Shit!”

The line went dead. The FIC looked at the cosmic communicator. A fox came up. “What’s going on? Where’s the sun?” A couple crows joined him, nodding their heads in agreement. “We have things to do,” the crows said.

“It’s coming,” the FIC mumbled, calling the overseer back.

“What?” the overseer asked. “Kind of busy now. If this isn’t an emergency — “

“I know, I’m the one — what’s going on with the sun?”

“Oh, yeah, you. We’re going to roll the day back. The sun was, um, indisposed this morning, so, um, ah, anyway, let everyone know, we’re rolling back time so that sunrise commences on schedule. They won’t notice a thing. Tell them to just be patient.”

A few seconds later, the FIC looked up as the sun swept past the eastern horizon at 5:35 AM. Right on schedule.

They snorted. Sure. Hopefully, all would go well when the sun was due to set at 8:44 PM, but they weren’t going to hold their breath.

“Through Glass” by Stone Sour (2006) is playing through my head. Something about how some days feel like forever. Ever notice that? Happened a lot when I was a child. Look at the clock, waiting for it to advance, wondering if it was possible that time stopped, or was it just the clock?

Anyway, here’s the music. Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax. Cheers

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