Flooftown (floofinition) – Flang (floof slang) for a place dedicated to animals.

In use: “The dog was not happy, explaining to the cats, “I heard her sayin’ that she’s taking me to flooftown,” which was the floofhold expression for the vet, gathering by his tone that he didn’t mean the other flooftown, the floofpark (to which the cats were never invited to go).”

Saturday’s Theme Music

Sunshine’s golden dew slide down the heavens and dripped over the treetops and roofs at 5:34 AM. The cats began singing, “Morning has Broken”. Or they may have been threatening one another about violating their neutral zones. Hard to say with cats.

We mark today as Saturday, June 19, 2021. It’s the first officially declared Juneteenth as a holiday in the U.S., a day to remember when slaves were finally given the news that they were freed. Blacks have been celebrating this day far more often, but many remained ignorant about it, or downplayed the significance. I hope its recognition grows and it doesn’t become diluted with sales, as it happens to so many U.S. holidays and observances.

The sun’s electric slide is expected to end at 8:50 PM in our valley. Temperatures will hunt the lower nineties before the Earth turns away from the sun.

I was thinking of “Baker Street” by Gerry Rafferty last night (1978). I’d done a few miles of walking and was now massaging my toes. That brought on the song’s lyrics. “Light in your head and dead on your feet. Well, another crazy day. You’ll drink the night away, and forget about everything.” I won’t drink the night away. Probably will forget a few things. Mind like a sieve, this one.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax. Here’s the music. Cheers

The New Clothing Dream

A friend and I were staying with a gay couple. I seemed to be in my early twenties. The couple lived in a city apartment a few floors up. A big city, the place was busy and noisy. I was there to get rid of my old clothing, and then I was taking a trip to get new clothing. We were flying out for that purpose the next day. Meanwhile, my buddy wanted us to go out on the town before leaving. Parallel to this, our hosts were throwing a party (unrelated to our visit). They’d also received a new table and were putting it together.

As I’d chosen to get rid of my old clothes except what I was wearing and what I was traveling in the next day, I decided to find something to wear from the clothes I was getting rid of to wear out on the town. It should be something festive. I found an old pale yellow shirt with a red parrot embroidered on the left chest, a shirt I haven’t owned in over thirty years.

I paused while dressing to watch them trying to put the new table together. It wasn’t going well. They thought parts were missing and were calling the manufacturer for help. I thought that I would be doing it differently, as they seemed disorganized, but I believed part of the issue was that they already had too many people involved, so I remained uninvolved.

My friend was urging me to hurry up. It was night, and the night was calling him. He was wearing jeans and a maroon puffy jacket. I was only in a shirt. “Is it cold out? Do I need a jacket?” Without awaiting an answer, I went into my old clothes for a jacket. I pulled it on, but then decided it was too heavy and replaced with a lighter jacket, an old black “Members Only” jacket I used to have. I then worried, maybe I should change shirts because the parrot was no longer seen. But I left it at that. He and I scampered down the steps and into the brightly-lit night to have fun.

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