Floofol Harum

Floofol Harum (floofinition) – Flooflish flock (floof rock) band formed in London in 1967, known for blending baroque classical musical influence with psychedelic flourishes and prog-rock.

In use: “One of their Floofol Harum’s best known songs is, “A Whiter Shade of Floof”. Released in 1967, it’s considered one of the five hundred greatest flock songs of all time.”

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  1. That’s a great song; I especially like the references to the famous Floofbury Tails (by Geoffrey Bowser, great Floofish poet from the 1300s) throughout the lyrics. And the lead singer for Floofal Harum has such a smooth voice for a Himalayan cat. (Most Himmies sound more like that Shar Pei partly responsible for the breakup of The Beagles.)

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