Inner floof

Inner floof (floofinition) – 1. In popular floofchology, the animal being dwelling in people.

In use: “Although he could easily take up two airline seats and almost hit his head on the overhead storage, his inner floof is a meerkat.”

2. In analytical psychology, the an animal’s true animal persona.

In use: “Although kittens are small, many are born with a fearless lion or tiger as their inner floof.”

One thought on “Inner floof

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  1. My inner floof … I’ve always thought it was a wolf … always felt that I should have been a wolf or perhaps once was. Lately, though, understanding that wolves must kill and eat animals in order to survive, I’m rethinking … perhaps a koala … they eat only bamboo leaves!

    Our Tiger Lily was named as a baby, before we saw her true persona, but it fits her to a T … at least the ‘Tiger’ part does! I have the battle scars to prove it!

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