Everfloof (floofinition) – Home, household, organization, person or family who is keeps faith animals or pets.

In use: “It started when he was three, acquiring a puppy as a gift. That established as an everfloof because he always had at least two pets from the age of seven on.”

Simple Sunday Stuff

  1. Went off script today. Bounced with spouse to store in early A.M. Decided thereafter, screw it, movie. Who doesn’t love Sunday Afternoon at the Movies? Streaming options came through: Palm Springs on Hulu offered an afternoon respite from the daily drone.
  2. Next four months with COVID-19, political campaigns, protests, riots, Feds abducting protesters, and POTUS insanity and lies (along with his administration’s lies, and well, most of the right wing’s offerings) will be a trial. Add to that a heat wave, and now, wildfires (the Badger Fire). My soul is getting stretched pretty thin.
  3. On the COVID lines, cases in my state and county (Oregon, Jackson) are on the rise. No worries; to save our small businesses. the local Chamber of Commerce convinced the town to close some streets and parking so al fresco dining can be expanded. I’ve not checked it out — and won’t — but observers are saying, no masks and no distancing there. Yes, businesses and officials are lip syncing the requirements but enforcement seems to amount to some brief tsk, tsk. Not reassuring.
  4. Had a follow up with my doc. Arm (xrays) looks good but remains in a sling. His wife is friends with my wife and related a brief tale. “I was with Glen when the ER doctor called. They said they had a broken arm. Glen told them they could set it. They replied, no, I’m not touching this. We’re sending you film. Glen took a look and said, I’m on my way. Glen called it quite deformed.”
  5. Six more weeks and my arm will be free again.
  6. I have my writing, though, but limited to one-handed typing. Writing with pen didn’t work as the splinted arm/hand combo failed to keep the notebook from sliding around. I also have time and coffee. Guess I’ll try to write like crazy, at least once more.

Floof Doctors

Floof Doctors (floofinition) – American floof rock (flock) and roll band. Originally from New Floof City, the band achieved success with a sound defined as classic flock and roll.”

In use: “The Floof Doctors achieved two hits, “Two Floofs” and “Little Floof Can’t Be Wrong”, for which they remain most known.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

Trump often declares how others should feel. He loves extolling the greatness of himself, and how wonderful he is. “I’m the greatest,” he’ll often declare. “People should be thanking me.”

Not me; I’ve not seen anything come from his miserable administration that cues up thanks.

Somehow, from coalescing thoughts and manifesting feelings, up rose New Order’s “Blue Monday” (1983):

And still, I find it so hard
To say what I need to say
But, I’m quite sure that you’ll tell me
Just how I should feel today

h/t to Genius.com
I don’t believe the song ever mentions Monday. That amuses me. The vocalist’s robotic, deadpan delivery offers a delicious counterbalance to the lyrics, no doubt by design.

Enjoy your day. Let me know how you feel.

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