Floofmenclature (floofinition) – 1. Name or designation given to an animal.

In use: “The beagle’s formal name was Abigail, but her fascination with spiders landed her the floofmenclature, Ziggy Stardust, or just Ziggy.”

2. The act or process or an instance of naming an animals.

In use: “When new pets join a  home, they typically have a name, but with the floofmenclature of becoming familiar to their new humans, they often acquire a new one.”

Floozzy Floofbourne

Floozzy Floofbourne (floofinition) – Floofish heavy floof rock (flock) singer/songwriter who became known for onstage theatrics as the front floof for Floof Sabbath during the 1970s.

In use: “although credited with muliple hits, Floozy Floofbourne’s biggest financial success of the 1990s was Floozzfest in Phoenix, Arizona.”

A Sandwich Dream

The trip was starting. Anticipation uplifted me excited energy. But first —

A young boy called after me. Seeing his grin, I answered with the same. “Did you get it?” I asked as he ran up to me. “Did yu get the one you wanted?”

“Better,” the boy replied. “He gave me both my first and second choices.”

I hugged him. “I’m happy for you.” Then I rushed off to my journey.

Events interrupted. I needed my recall roster.*

Where was it? Where was it? I scurried about, opening and closing drawers in search of it as others asked, “Do you have your recall roster,” or told me, “You need your recall roster.”

“I know, I know,” I kept saying. Opening an old wooden rolltop desk, I discovered two fresh sandwiches on plates. “So that’s where I put those.”

I didn’t need two sandwiches so I fed one to a friend’s dog, then took the other sandwich out and place it on a table to eat. Another sandwich of another kind was already on the table. A passing friend said, “I picked up that sandwich for you, Michael.” As I thanked them, another sandwich was put on a plate before me. “For you,” another friend said.

I protested, “I already have a sandwich. Who needs a sandwich?”

Others joined me, eager for a sandwich. As I began eating, I found I had one sandwich left over. A man sat to my right. “Mind if I eat this, Michael?”

“No.” I realized the man picking up the sandwich was my main character.

That made me laugh.


* Recall Roster – a telephone contact list used for mobilization and rapid notifications


Saturday’s Theme Music

Today’s theme music, “Every Breath You Take” by the Police (1983), was an obvious and unoriginal choice. Coaxed out of the cerebral cortex by images on the TV and net of law enforcement officers watching and attacking protesters, it works on multiple levels about watchers, watching, and being watched. Besides those confrontations, we’re watching COVID-related numbers, election events, and government actions as we gyrate about the best course to kickstart the money machines and normalize life as the case numbers rise.

The Police’s stalking song feels about right on this day in 2020.

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