Knowledge Floofs

Knowledge Floofs (floofinition) – Secret network of fowl, insects, and animals spying on humanity. All information is recorded, collected, compiled, and then stored in a repository on Floofpiter known as The Box.”

In use: “Many animals are aware of The Box on Floofpiter and play with boxes while dreaming of formally joining the Knowledge Floofs.”

Backstreet Floofs

Backstreet Floofs (floofinition) Orlando, Florida vocal floof pop (floop) band. Active from 1993 to the present, the Backstreet Floofs, sometimes shortened to BSF, became superstars within a few years of their debut album.

In use: “The 1996 Backstreet Floofs song “Quit Playing Games (with My Tail)” reached number two on the UFA Floofboard Top 100.”

Monday’s Theme Music

A conversational tic, “Do you know what I mean,” triggered recollection of the Lee Michaels 1968 song. Know what I mean?

It fits for today as topic lines are starkly drawn. Voting by mail can’t work, they say, but I did it throughout my military career and since moving to Oregon in 2005, so I think it works, know what I mean?

Trump couldn’t come up with shit for the pandemic, but he eagerly sends geared paramilitary Feds to cities led by Dems, know what I mean?

Pro baseball started playing in bubbles in the U.S. and now they’re canceling games because players have tested positive, know what I mean?

COVID-19 deaths are taking place, and positive cases are rising, they canceled the in person Republican convention but still want to open businesses and send children to school, you know what I mean?

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