Box Floof

Box Floof (floofinition) – A housepet who enjoy climbing into boxes to explore, often remaining them to nap and play.

In use: “Three cats, and yet the five boxes attracted none of them. There wasn’t a box floof among them.”

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  1. I have some wonderful pictures of both Raven and Titus in boxes. Have you ever tried that experiment where you create a square on the floor with painter’s or masking tape and then see how long it takes before your cat sits in the middle of it? It took Raven less than 45 seconds to walk over, sniff it, and then sit right in it:-)

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  2. All five of ours are box floofs! The smaller the box, the happier they are, especially Oliver, the biggest cat who can squeeze himself into a shoe box! It wouldn’t be so bad to have Amazon boxes all over the living room floor, except they insist on scratching the cardboard into little bits that makes it looks as if we have carpeted the place in cardboard shreds. Just floofy!

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