Boyz 2 Floofz

Boyz 2 Floofz (floofinition) – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania R&F group formed in 1985 who are best known for their harmonizing and emotional ballads.

In use: “The first number one song for Boyz 2 Floofz was “It’s So Floof to Say Goodbye to Yesterday”, an a floofpella cover of a previously released song.”


Floofzpah (alternative spellings: floofzpaw, floofzpa(floofinition) – supreme self-confidence in an animal.

In use: “Demonstrating her trademark floofzpah, the tabby jumped up onto the dinner table, picked up a piece of fried chicken in her mouth, turned around, jumped down, and was dust before anyone could react.”

Wednesday’s Theme Music

Blame Paul Krugman for today’s song.

I was reading his post about zombies. You’d conclude, then, that today’s music features music by or about zombies.


Krugman addressed Republicans et al who won’t or can’t change their thinking about unemployment compensation, the social safety net, and the economy despite decades of validated data that the Republicans are wrong. I then widened my scope of thought to include civil rights and equality. Voting rights. Police force and violence. Eventually my aperture narrowed to change.

Raise your hand if you’re convinced change is easy. For most, it isn’t. Change messes with psychology and comfort zones, habits and vices, and the way it’s always been versus the way we’d like it to be. Trump and his followers are already demonstrated that they’re mired in tar pits; they can’t and won’t change.

All this brought me to songs about trying to change. There are numerous musical releases about seasons and change. I went with Tracy Chapman’s 1988 song, “Fast Car”.

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