Floofregard (floofinition) – An animal behavior act of treating someone or something as unworthy of regard or notice.

In use: “Pouring enthusiasm into his tone, he said, “Who’s hungry?” The cat responded with killing floofregard that culminated with a yawn before she commenced some idle grooming.”


Skyfloof (floofinition) – Floofnadian Vancouver-based floof rock (flock) band originally active from 1971 to 1973.

In use: A song from Skyfloof’s debut album, “Floofflower”, provided the group with its most notable success.”

Thursday’s Theme Music

Nominating a cocky upbeat song from de ol’ days (1990) that spurted into the music stream this AM for today’s theme ditty. Has an infectious espresso-shot dance rhythm that picked me right up like a cheap distraction for a new affair. Glory to you, glory to you, take me there. As happens too consistently in this time of my life, recollection about the song is loaded with that sadness that another talented performer, this time Michael Hutchence, died before we were ready. He was definitely a rock star.

“Suicide Blonde”, INXS.


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