Floofkade (floofinition) (origins: Alberta, Canada) – 1. Effort to cut off another animal from a particular area by force or threat of force.

In use: “The kitten began eating and immediately put up a floofkade with his paws on the bowl and several growls and yowls as he chewed.”

2. Effort, typically through fencing or objects, to keep animals segregated.

In use: “The dogs were floofkaded in separate kennels, but one dog figured out how to open us, and soon, he’d lifted the floofkade by single-pawedly opening all the cages.”

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  1. We once had a floof named ‘Pickles’ and another, a three-legged floof named “Tofu” (don’t ask). They seemed natural-born enemies, and one day Pickles decided that poor Tofu had no right to leave the kitchen, to join the family in the living room. Every time he stepped over the threshold, she chased him back into the kitchen. She effectively floofkaded him for years, and we had to devise innovative ways to bring poor Tofu into the family circle.

    A third definition, if I may, is the area of a room that is filled with a variety of floof toys and games … a floofkade similar to the ones in the mall, only no coins required.

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