Floofcifist (floofinition) – Someone (person or animal) who supports animals and animals rights and equality.

In use: “Corky the cat had somehow become a floofcifist, and insisted that each cat and dog receive equal treat, enforcing her opinion with quick swats from her right paw. Nancy soon called that paw, “Corky’s right paw of justice”. Equally respecting and fearing the right paw of justice, the other animals soon accepted Corky’s position.”

Monday’s Theme Music

Thinking about a big coming out party, someday, after the crises is resolved. (A.C.: After COVID-19. We’ll start a new reference system – “In 2 AC, the first normal baseball game was played.”) Maybe the theme should be dancing in the streets.

The song, “Dancing in the Street”, and its many versions jumped into the stream. I do enjoy the Mick and David version. But I don’t want to show favoritism, so here’s a few offerings. Looking at them, I’m surprised that it has sprung up as a new cover by some one, like, I don’t know, Kelly Clarkson.

David Bowie and Mick Jagger, 1985. Boy, the disco era is really displayed in their clothing style. Fitting for responding to a global problem, as this collaboration was done to raise money and awareness for “Live Aid” famine relief.

Martha and the Vandelllas, 1964 – the original, to me.

Van Halen, 1982 – oh, yeah, lots of synthesizer.

Mama and the Papas, 1966 – a very mellow version.

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